Wolf Search Solutions

WSS liked the gereral appearance of their site, but wanted to modernize it and improve maintainability. I was comissioned to do the overhaul, resulting in new infrastructure based on CSS rather than tables, improved navigation, a more uniform overall design, updated images and, the incorporation of new copy.

Tech-Knowledgey Solutions

"Atlas Webcraft did a great job creating and launching my company's web site. With only high-level business requirement, Andy took the site from idea to reality in record time. I could not be happier with the end result!"

Rob Raffaele
Owner - Tech-Knowledgey Solutions

Ewes Quilting

"Andrew created an easy to navigate website that reflects me and my business--I couldn't be happier! He included many artistic details that rounded out my theme and complimented my art and content. He is incredibly professional and completed my project within the agreed time line. I would definitely use him in my next web project!"

Carole Henell
Owner - Ewes Quilting

Vince Passarella CPA MBA

The client was interested in rejuvenating the overall design as well as some general changes to the site. The final product included a more welcoming color scheme, updated menu, revised header and additional changes to the general formatting.

Answer or Cancer

Answer or Cancer is a news aggregator/blog that uses Wordpress as a platform. It adapts a tweaked Elements of SEO theme. The original masthead offers a spectrum of the American experience that represents the theme of the site - are current events in American society a long term answer or cancer? This was a fun project that allowed me to implement autoblogging with WP-o-Matic and customized RSS feeds for news aggregation.

Love Apple Quilters

Love Apple Quilters is one of my earliest projects. I did a complete redesign and reorganization of the site. Through a couple of makeovers throughout the years my "love apple border" and updated logo have stood the test of time.